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  • Factors Influencing Field Engineer Salary


    Introduction to Field Engineering

    Field engineering can be related to a broad range of jobs. For example, in chemical manufacturing companies, a field engineer’s job gives them the chance to interact with the customer facilities internationally. In mechanical engineering, a field engineer must ensure that the equipment operate according to design.


    In the telecom industry, field engineers have varied duties which include:

    • Installation and testing of telecom equipment

    • Maintaining, problem solving and repair of communications system

    • Systems and equipment analyses

    Demand for freelance jobs

    In today’s job market, freelance jobs are in demand. Companies save on in-house costs related to permanent, full-time telecommunication field engineers by hiring as and when required or on need basis, which proves to be cost-effective. Read More...

  • Freelance IT jobs. Sign up and post your job online

    Find best freelance it jobs within minutes: Field Engineer is the name of the game!

    All right, it’s not glamorous. However, it may be lucrative and it’s a never ending need. Freelance IT jobs are irrefutably in high demand, and expected to shoot up further. However, you may think that as a freelancer I will only be as successful as my next gig. People tend to believe that it’s a secured way of making a living but need to understand their intricacies before diving. Most valuable skills that freelance IT jobs hones to perfection are marketing & customer service. Undoubtedly, IT freelance jobs are plenty and the pains of going through all those offers time overriding. Field engineer is solid platform with excellent reliability one can vouch. Whether you’re looking for alternate to pay the bills, seeking more expert development opportunities or just love the freedom that freelancing offers, there’s no question that millions of people have discovered the benefits of professional freelancing. There are plenty of it freelance jobs in global freelance marketplace. Read More…

  • The Light at the End of the Cable

    Transitioning from DSL and Copper to Fiber Optic

    The age of the internet is exciting. Information is accessible with just a few taps and clicks. The way the world operates and communicates in the 21st century provides anyone with a laptop and an internet connection unparalleled access to information. To support the surge in smart devices and streaming, upgrades to copper lines and a transition to fiber optic cable is heating up the skilled labor market. Scalable data networks demand a scalable workforce that can provide an optimized experience to every end-user.

    Optimizing Existing DSL / Copper Lines

    While fiber optic lines might be sexy, short-term upgrades to existing telecom infrastructure may be more cost-effective in limited use-cases. The more modern ... Read More

  • What kinds of work can freelance engineers do?

    Graduating from an engineering college is a big step. The next big step is finding a suitable job. The only problem is that since there are very many engineers graduating from various colleges, the job market has become quite saturated. It’s also hard to move to another city to find an adequate job. The chances are that many who have found a good job do not earn enough to support their lifestyle completely.

    The only thing you can do then is to become a freelance engineer. Whether you have not found a job or already have one and are looking to earn a little on the side, you will be able to make enough this way to support your lifestyle on a monthly basis. Read More...

  • How Freelance Engineers are adding Value to Businesses

    Telecommunication internet service providers invest billions of dollars into advancing the field and maintaining their vast networks. They are known for their innovation, but that innovation has been stymied by the lack of in-house engineers with the right skillset to efficiently offer solutions to problems and questions. Instead, companies are spending vast amounts of time looking for the right in-house employee when a significant number of top-tier engineers can be found offering the services as telecom field engineers. Looking for engineers outside of their company can save companies money and time as well as putting them into contact with next generation of field engineers. Read More...

  • Definition – NOC Engineer

    The NOC Engineer

    A Network Operation Center Engineer, or a NOC engineer is an expert in the management and monitoring of a network from any centralized location. A technical NOC team is comprised of skilled IT, NOC technicians. They watch the IT environment, and make certain the uptime and connectivity of the IT systems are seamless 24/7.

    The Main Responsibilities of the NOC Technician

    The NOC Technicians resolve any issues related to the servers, networks and telecommunications by consistently troubleshooting and monitoring. The skills required for a NOC, or Network Operations Center include Network Support, network administration and management, switching and routing, and Linux. Their responsibilities are extensive. Read More...

  • Tips to Attract, Manage & Retain Network Engineers

    If you are looking to hire network engineers, you have probably noticed that the market has tightened down. It is now more difficult than ever to find great talent to put into place. This is for a number of reasons. First, the talent is in short supply, and secondly there is a larger demand for engineers than ever before thanks to security for network infrastructure and innovation increases. This has been proven with surveys and polls that say this is the hardest position to fill. Additionally, this puts pressure on your recruiting process. Read More...

  • A Tale of Two Workforces: Freelancers en Marché!

    The statistics emerging last year about the size of the freelance market in the USA should have come as no surprise to anyone that has studied the US Labor market. After all, Forbes predicted back in 2016 that freelancers would soon represent around 35 per cent of the US workforce.

    Commissioned by the Freelancers Union of America, the 2017 study of the US Labor market, not only confirmed that number was reached, it showed that the speed of growth in the freelance market puts the rest of the US workforce in the shade. Should the current trend continue, it predicts that US freelance workforce will outnumber its paid employee counterpart by 2027. Read More...

  • What is network engineer? – Definition

    Network engineer

    A network engineer is a technology professional who is highly skilled in maintaining the connectivity of networks in terms of data, voice, calls, videos and wireless network services. Sometimes referred to as network architects, network engineers are accountable for formulating, implementing and executing the whole computer networks of an organization.

    The ideal role of a network engineer is to make sure all the systems are functioning properly as intended. The fundamental goal of a network engineer is to provide maximum network infrastructure, security and performance to the end users. Depending on an organization’s requirement or network complexity, the organization will sometimes have global network engineers across countries who take care of technological advancements throughout the firm.
    This proves cost-effective for the organization while also meeting needs for both user and business. Read More...

  • Top Seven Enterprise Router Vendors to Consider in 2018

    Enterprise router

    Enterprise Router

    Enterprise routers are basic products for any business/enterprise. They plays important role for businesses and enterprises in connecting computer networks and the internet. 

    Enterprise routers comes in different sizes and functionalities which depend on the company’s size and data usage. These routers are modular and rack-mounted products which are designed to be centrally located.

    This article will help you in finding the correct enterprise router suitable for your company/enterprise.

    Top 7 Enterprise Router Vendors

    Cisco Enterprise Routers... Read More

  • What is a Firewall and why is it important for network security?

    In business today, information is more valuable than ever. Cybercrime is on the rise. Top companies of all sizes must protect their data. If you don’t, you risk competitors or thieves hacking your systems and getting access of customer data, banking information, and even proprietary information.

    To prevent this, security is a top priority. A firewall is an important concept when it comes to computer security. If you aren’t aware of what a firewall is, don’t worry. This article will help you understand its components and why it matters: Read More...

  • What is Statement of Work (SOW)? How to Write Project SOW & Example!


    Would anyone tell a contractor to build a house and then walk away to let him do it as he pleases? Probably not. Most people would at the very least specify the how, where, when, and cost. Professional projects are no different.

    Scope of Work (SOW) is a tool that allows business of all sizes, calibers, and niches from telecommunications to construction to communicate such vital business details with employees, vendors, contractors, and freelance workers. Read More...

  • Keys to Success for a Freelance Technician

    If you are considering a career as a freelance service technician, you may think that all you need is great skills. While this is partially true, it is not the #1 factor in determining whether you become the top pick for when work is available. The main factor that companies consider when picking a technician is dependability. Read More...

  • What is Dark Fiber?

    What is dark fiber

    What is Dark Fiber?

    “Dark Fiber” or sometimes spelled as “Unlit Fiber” is defined as being an unused optical Fiber cable or networks, which are usually used in Fiber-optic communication. This cable, or group of cables, may be set in place, but they are usually not being used at the current time. Read More...

  • What Is Contingent Employment?

    What is contingent employment

    In today’s ODE (On-Demand Economy) You may have heard someone use the term agile workforce or contractor at work or seen it in a job posting. While in some ways there is a similarity to a contractor in the telecommunication field, in the corporate world it refers to temporary employees. Just like a subcontractor may be hired to complete a maintenance or repair problems, these temporary employees are commonly hired to complete a specific project. It is also known as contingent work. Read More...

  • What is Wireless LAN?

    We are living in the epoch whereby technological advancement is at its apogee. Notably, there is the critical element of network transmission in the world of technology. There are two main types of network transmission that include the cabled transmission and the wireless transmission of the network. Read More...

  • Everything you need to know about IT engineering!



    Information technologies are omnipresent, yet IT engineering remains a mystery to many. To most people, an IT engineer is a wizard behind the screen who makes sure computers work smoothly. To an extent, they might be right, but there is much more to the vocation than just installing a firewall and updating the OS. Read More...

  • Engineering: Your chance for a high paying entry level jobs?


    High paying entry level jobs are always in demand, and we believe there’s no need to elaborate on this. Contrary to common belief, they are not necessarily difficult to find. Naturally, it’s all about the demand – the more sought out your skill set, the better the offer. Engineering jobs, for example, are one of the best examples. Read More...

  • Everything you need to learn about engineering freelance!


    Engineering freelance has never been easier or, indeed, more in demand. Why is “freelance” the keyword here? Because construction processes are lengthy and expensive, and, quite often, the most skilled field engineers are located elsewhere. Time to put a stop to that! Read More...


  • Software engineering vs computer science: Learn more!



    Software engineering vs computer science salary? An immortal question, especially if you are interested in both professions. We know many people who are, so there. Let us look into the issue a bit more. The first question, naturally, is: which profession is better for you, in the long run?

    Engage software engineers anywhere anytime.

    This comes down to your preferences, as ever. Albeit both professions are computer-related, the emphasis is completely different. Therefore, your interests should be taken into account first; then think where you see yourself ten years from now.