To Lead the Race to 5G, We Must Transform our Telecom Workforce


5G is the Holy Grail of the telecom industry. It will enable the future of technology, providing the foundation not just for faster downloads but for leveraging the entire Internet of Things (IoT), from smart toasters to sensor-enabled manufacturing to self-driving cars. And right now, the driving force is a legion of forward-thinking leaders. These are the executives and managers who are pushing digitization at their organizations in order to remain viable in a competitive, global environment. To support them, to fuel business innovation —and the economy — we need 5G and we need it now!

But we don’t just need 5G. In the global arena, we need to dominate 5G just as American telecom companies have dominated 4G. The stakes are too high to lose our leading edge in this industry. That’s especially true since there’s another entire dimension to this discussion, and that’s power. Read More about 5G…


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