Why Freelance Data Center Engineers Are Suitable for Sustained Growth of Data Centers


Sustained growth of data centers 1

Today’s data center ecosystem is at the heart of any organization or business process. In fact, business is now directly impacted by the capabilities of your data center infrastructure. The question that arises now is how well growing businesses are gearing up for the digital revolution? How are things going to unfold as we businesses move closer to the technology-run world? How do you manage your data center operations?

Data centers are continually growing and changing their infrastructure to keep pace with the competition and demand, as well as advancement in technology. In fact, recently internet giants Google and Facebook have announced that they plan to build data centers with a total investment of over $700 million. This move pinpoints at the growing popularity of the data centers among enterprises.

According to a survey conducted by Campos Research & Analysis, there will be a 7.7 percentage increase in data center investments. Last year, it was about 7.2 percent, and this year more companies have responded that they are moving towards expanding their data center footprint. Read More...


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